Custom Keychains

Customized event keychains are a great souvenir for all of your event participants.

Scimitar’s event keychains are a cost-effective promotional item that will literally put your brand into people’s hands. Now available in a new sustainable option, these are the perfect addition to your event merchandise.


  • Standard or customized shapes available.
  • Sustainable options now available.
  • Discount for high volume orders.
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Give your participants a souvenir with a twist with custom keychains.

Taken everywhere and used regularly, our custom event keychains are designed to represent your mass participation events in the best way possible, putting your branding literally into the hands of people every day.Cost-effective and high-impact, add keychains to your event order today and expand your retail merchandise further. Explore the latest sustainable options with the Scimitar team.

Key Features:

  • Sustainable keychains now available.
  • Clip-on keychains are also available.
  • Accurate brand and color representation.
  • Standard and customized shapes available.
  • Encapsulated plastic keychains are also available.

For more info or to get a quote for your custom event keychains call us at (612) 327-9567 to discuss or send us an email at One of our sales experts would be happy to help you design the best custom keychains for your event.