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Custom Event Medals

Custom medals for nonprofit fundraiser events that are high-quality and versatile.

Medals are the perfect way to honor all of your participants for joining in on the event. Our medals are highly customizable, giving you the option to choose everything from what its made from to the overall design of the medal itself.


  • Individual tagging and packaging available.
  • Sustainable options now available.


  • Limitless selection of sizes and shapes are available for your custom medals.
  • Standard offering of 50mm diameter & 3mm thick medals.
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Scimitar is one of the leading suppliers of custom medals for mass participation events.

Our line of custom medals designed for mass participation events are known for their high quality. With nearly unlimited customization options, we can help you design the perfect medals for your event with everything from the material, to engravings, and packaging. Our medals are ideal for 10Ks, half-marathons, full marathons, or any other event you may be hosting. Speak to one of our specialists today about your mass participation event needs. Key Features:
  • A wide selection of sizes and shapes are available for your customized event medals.
  • Sustainable options available.
  • Standard offering of 2in. diameter and 1in. thick medals.
  • Sublimation print offers all-over color printing opportunity.
  • Individual tagging and packaging available.
For more info or to get a quote for your custom event medals, call us at 507-381-4389 to discuss or send us an email at One of our sales experts would be happy to help you design the best custom event medals for your event.


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