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Innovative, quality nonprofit branding and promotional items.
Sustainable options now available.

Customized Nonprofit Items

Premium nonprofit promotional items with custom branding.

Scimitar is a go-to supplier of custom sportswear and promotional items for nonprofits. 

Everything from branded scrim roll and fan flags to noise sticks and fan headquarters, we can provide you with a full package to outfit your fundraising event.

Combine your sportswear order with any of our promotional items and you get access to additional discounts, all with our top-of-the-line service.

USA Non-Profit Specialists.

Scimitar is the full package.

We’ve worked diligently with all of our nonprofit clients over the years to develop the perfect line of branded promotional items, ensuring that all of our offerings meet your need without exceeding your budget. 

There’s no limit to what we can do for you. 

Add-on promotional items to any of your sportswear orders and you will have one easy order delivered to you well before your event with everything you need to make it a successful day.

All with our transparent order process and one point of contact here at Scimitar.

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Teardrop Flags / Bang Sticks

Why Scimitar?

We are one of the leading suppliers of nonprofit sportswear and promotional items.

That means we know what works and what you need. 

Having worked with thousands of nonprofits, we have developed our offerings to suit the ever-changing needs and demands that these organizations have. We are well known within the nonprofit space for providing high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Scimitar is also constantly innovating, which is why we now offer 100% recycled fabric and free SPF upgrades for all of our products. 

One of our goals is to produce the largest range of recycled and organic options on the market. 

Our sourcing team has worked hard to find eco-friendly products to develop our range of canopy tents, flags, and promotional items to keep your entire event sustainable. 

For companies concerned with corporate social responsibility and sustainability, there’s no better option than Scimitar.

We can help you be carbon neutral while meeting all of your needs.

Every single one of our clients will have a dedicated team of Account Managers who are available to help with every stage of the ordering and delivery process.

We offer 360-degree account management, ensuring a seamless process from the minute you reach out until you have your customized order in hand and beyond. 

Our service is truly unrivaled because we want you to be happy with every aspect of it.

With one of the largest selections of nonprofit promotional items available, we still guarantee full customization on every single of your items.

We have items to help outfit your next fundraising event or mass participation event and keep your staff and volunteers on brand. With the help of Scimitar, you can have a well-designed and seamless event experience. 

Explore our full range of promotional items today.

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Recycle, Reduce, Repurpose

By 2025, Scimitar are committed to developing all customized sportswear with recycled polyester. Explore our vision today.


Every month, Scimitar funds the planting of 385 trees in rainforests across the world, equivalent to 26.49 tonnes of carbon reduction.


We’ll pick up disused and old sportswear from our clients when we ship their new kit, and repurpose it with our partners.
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Unrivaled nonprofit products at an unbeatable price.

We are one of the leading worldwide brands for sustainable nonprofit sportswear. 

For everything from running singlets to cycling jerseys and leggings, and accessories like neck warmers and sweatbands, we have an incredible range of items for all of your needs. 

Check our complete range of nonprofit sportswear items. 

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