Award-winning event sportswear & clothing for mass participation events, customizable to your exact requirements. 

100% recycled options now available.


We are a leading supplier of custom sportswear for mass participation events.

Working with some of the largest mass participation events in the world, we have the experience to create a leading range of products that look good and perform even better. 

We’ve partnered in the USA with Mankato Marathon, Boston Marathon & Quad Cities Marathon, while in the UK we’ve partnered with the British Triathlon and Great North Run (the world’s biggest half marathon), providing a range of products to outfit their participants and staff alike. Choose from our large array of options such as finisher t-shirts, retail merch, volunteer and staff uniforms, and promotional items. 

Scimitar is also one of the first customs suppliers to offer a 100% recycled polyester option and free upgrade for UPF protection.


We have a solution for all types of large sporting events.

By working with some of the top mass participation events in the world, we have developed a full range of products that meet all possible needs. 

In addition to sportswear, we offer promotional and branded items such as flags, banners, medals, and scrim rolls. 

When you opt-in for any of these promotional items on top of your sportswear order, you can unlock additional savings, all with one easy ordering process.

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Why Scimitar?

We have a lot of experience partnering with organizations that are hosting large events, so you know you’re in good hands. 

With each event, we’ve honed our offerings to ensure that every product we provide is specifically designed to suit the needs of race organizers and directors. 

We are also known for our unprecedented innovations such as 100% recycled fabric and SPF protection upgrades, making us absolutely unrivaled in our offerings

We are doing everything we can to offer one of the largest lines of recycled and sustainable products for mass participation events. 

Scimitar has a team of Garment Technologists that are working hard to produce beautiful customized items that are sustainable without losing any technical capabilities. 

We hold our line of recycled sportswear to the same exacting standard as everything else, all while ensuring that the products are eco-friendly. 

Every single one of our clients will have a dedicated team of Account Managers who are available to help with every stage of the ordering and delivery process.

We offer 360-degree account management, ensuring a seamless process from the minute you reach out until you have your order in hand and beyond. 

Our service is truly unrivaled because we want you to be happy with every aspect of it.

Scimitar has over 50 different products for mass participation events, all with their own custom options and upgrades, ensuring that we can tailor our range of items to your exact requirements. 

Choose from add-ons such as mesh side panels, reflective stitching, and different collar and zipper options to fully customize your mass participation event sportswear. 

Explore the full range of products today.

Scimitar &

Recycle, Reduce, Repurpose

By 2025, Scimitar are committed to developing all customized sportswear with recycled polyester. Explore our vision today.


Every month, Scimitar funds the planting of 385 trees in rainforests across the world, equivalent to 26.49 tonnes of carbon reduction.


We’ll pick up disused and old sportswear from our clients when we ship their new kit, and repurpose it with our partners.
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Customized Sportswear

An unrivaled array of options.

We are dedicated to developing truly high-quality, custom sportswear such as finisher t-shirts and retail merchandise, all with customized branding. 

We have spent years perfecting our products and creating an unsurpassed line of sustainable products, making us the perfect partner for events of all kinds. 

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