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Scimitar makes award-winning custom cycling gear for clubs, teams, and athletes that are customizable to your exact needs. 

Now available in our 100% recycled fabric option.

Scimitar Cycling

We are one of the leading suppliers of custom cycling gear.

We specialize in producing custom cycling gear that includes a range of key products like cycling jerseys, shorts, and jackets.

Our sportswear specialists have worked hard to create the perfect line of cycling products, all of which can be customized to your exact requirements.

Scimitar is also one of the first custom sportswear suppliers to offer jerseys, base layers, and more in 100% recycled polyester and a free SPF upgrade for certain products.


Scimitar’s award-winning, custom sportswear is perfect for cycling clubs.

With your choice of fabrics, printing methods, stitching options, mesh panels, and more, our custom cycling gear is the highest quality available for cycling clubs. 

All of our items are fully customizable ensuring that everything can be made to your exact specifications and individual needs. 

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Why Scimitar?

Scimitar is proud to be one of the leading sportswear supplies around the world. 

We’ve gained our reputation from working with some of the leading cycling clubs and events, and we are well-known for providing the highest quality items at very competitive pricing.

And to top it all off, Scimitar products come with a range of innovations such as 100% recycled fabric and full protection from harsh UV rays.

Scimitar offers one of the largest range of organic and recycled options for all of your custom cycling gear. 

Our Garment Technologists have created a full line of sustainable cycling products that deliver everything you need. 

Scimitar’s array of recycled polyester sportswear is available with all of the same customizations, simply made from our high-quality sustainable fabric.

Scimitar’s team of Account Managers are here to ensure that you get everything you need.

In fact, each client will receive two dedicated Account Managers, which allows us to offer 360-degree account management. From the minute you reach out until your new custom sportswear is in your hand and beyond, Scimitar is here for you. 

Your account management team will work with the entire Scimitar machine to deliver you a seamless, personalized service unlike anything else out there for a cycling club. 

Our line of cycling products has over 35 options, all with customizable options and upgrades so each can be tailored to your needs. 

Everything from mesh side panels and reflective stitching to custom collars, zips, and sleeves, Scimitar’s custom cycling range is the utmost in personalized sportswear. 

Explore the full range of options and upgrades today.

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Recycle, Reduce, Repurpose

By 2025, Scimitar are committed to developing all customized sportswear with recycled polyester. Explore our vision today.


Every month, Scimitar funds the planting of 385 trees in rainforests across the world, equivalent to 26.49 tonnes of carbon reduction.


We’ll pick up disused and old sportswear from our clients when we ship their new kit, and repurpose it with our partners.
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Scimitar CYCLING

A Wide Range of Products.

Scimitar has worked with everything from elite cycling clubs to corporate teams and has developed a full range of cycling apparel that is perfect for any and all requirements.

We carry club jerseys and jackets, elite cycling jerseys, bib shorts, and much more, all perfectly tailored to what you and your club need.

Request a quote below and explore the full range of options available to your cycling club.



Explore our quality custom cycling jerseys and custom cycling kit in action.


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